Empowering regular people to make a difference

Trump tweets.

You donate.

Charities benefit.

At Disobey, we want to empower everyday people to make a difference. We think it should be as easy as tweeting. That’s why we decided to use Trump’s social media habits to do good, charitable jiu jitsu if you will. We’ll share stories of the work your donations are doing on the ground - transparency is our thing. It’s a new way of giving. We call it Financial Disobedience.

Austin Garcia-Cooper

Austin Garcia-Cooper is President and Founder of Disobey. He is a digital marketer and strategist by trade, obsessed with helping startups enact change through disruption. Austin saw the potential for impact with Disobey right away after setting up an automation to save money for a cold brew maker.

“A light bulb went off. Instead of raising money for myself, why can’t I do this for other organizations and enact real change?”

Born in Mexico and raised in Florida, Austin is passionate about both progressing the rights of immigrants and protecting the delicate environment that is the Florida coast.

André Gonçalves

André is a Founder and the tech mind behind Disobey. Passionate about creating products, he has served as a manager for the development of several in the software space.

He met Austin while working at a startup in Sarasota, and just loved the challenge of defying the current administration through tech, all while helping charities work towards their financial goals.

Born and raised in Brazil, André moved to Florida to go to college and stayed in the sunshine state ever since.